Firefox usage is down 85% despite Mozilla's top exec pay going up 400%

“Mozilla is in an absolute state: high overheads, falling usage of Firefox, questionable sources of revenue and now making big cuts to engineering as their income falls.”

What do you guys think about this article??

I was kinda sad reading about it. Firefox is beacon, and it still should be its focus!

Mozilla has had good revenue until 2020 and that was due to leadership. When revebue goes up, salaries should go up.

A lot of the projects being stopped were projects that don’t directly impact Firefox. It took forever to ship Stylo from Servo and WebRender is not completely shipped. Servo is a nice project but Mozilla should stop doing PoCs in Servo when it can implement stuff directly in Firefox.

Mozilla will not have the same revenue it had in the past. It needs to trim it’s costs and focus on Firefox desktop and Android. This is what is happening.

Don’t forget, this is a David vs Goliath type of situation. If Mozilla goes bankrupt it’s because it has a competitor 200 times it’s size. It’s also because Mozilla refused to collect and sell our data.

Both MDN and Servo seem to spin into new organizations.

I think Mozilla is doing the best it can do to still be alive.

Mitchell Baker has been at the core of the web rebellion since the start. She fought two monopolies since '94. I bet she wasted a lot of weekends in her work. How much should this effort be rewarded? I have no clue. All I can say is that without her we wouldn’t have this diverse web. We would all run ie6 in 2022.