Firefox Web Console property getter

I’ve recently transitioned to using Firefox from chrome. I’ve run into an issue where I’ve displayed an angular js object to the console, but I’m unable to see all the properties I would normally in chrome. Mainly the “Invoke Property Getter” ones in chrome console.

Is there an option that would allow me to view the property getters in Firefox Web Console?


_directives: Array(3) [ {…}, {…}, {…} ]
​form: Object { pristine: true, touched: false, status: “VALID”, … }
​ngSubmit: Object { _isScalar: false, closed: false, isStopped: false, … }
​submitted: true
​: Object { constructor: NgForm(validators, asyncValidators), ngAfterViewInit: ngAfterViewInit(), formDirective: Getter, … }

NgForm {submitted: true, _directives: Array(3), ngSubmit: EventEmitter, form: FormGroup}
control: (…)
controls: (…)
dirty: (…)
disabled: (…)
enabled: (…)
errors: (…) <~ Missing in Firefox for me as an example
form: FormGroup {validator: null, asyncValidator: null, pristine: true, touched: false, _onCollectionChange: ƒ, …}
formDirective: (…)
invalid: (…)
ngSubmit: EventEmitter {_isScalar: false, observers: Array(1), closed: false, isStopped: false, hasError: false, …}
path: (…)
pending: (…)
pristine: (…)
status: (…)

The issues here are

  1. JS class names are not shown correctly:
  2. Inherited getters are not shown on the instance:

Do you see other issues that would improve logging?

Thanks for the quick reply! I haven’t seen any of other issues with logging or suggestions that would improve it.