Firefox won't display files in Sitebuilder File Manager

I use FF to run a webpage. I create files using Sitebuilder and they are stored in the File Manager. After a recent upgrade of the service, I can no longer see all files stored in the File Manager, only 20 out of 100. I have cleared history, cleared cache, uninstalled and cleanly installed FF again. The problem remains. I can see the files using different browsers. I have a second PC with FF and I can see the files using this. Any ideas why this happens and what can I do to fix?

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I am working blind here, so apologies if this is dumb suggestion:

If you compare the browsers side by side, is Firefox missing essential navigation controls like previous/next buttons or a scrollbar?

Have you tested the page in Firefox’s Troubleshoot Mode? That’s a way to rule out extensions as an issue:

Hi, thanks for your reply. Firefox is not missing essential navigation controls. All was working well until a recent upgrade of the hosting account. All worked well in Edge, Safari and even in another PC using FF. Today I tried Troubleshooting mode and fiddled around a bit. I finally refreshed FF as I had done in the past. This time it worked. Not sure how it happened this time but it works!! Thanks again.