(First) Native WebThings devices

I would like to inform you that I have started to produce and sell native WebThing devices based on the ESP32 processor.

Currently my offer includes:

  • 2(4)-channel dimmable LED controller,
  • RGB LED controller for WS2812 diodes,
  • temperature sensor with DS18B20,
  • humidity sensor with AM2301.

In the near future, I also plan to:

  • 2-channel relay switch (double light),
  • simple thermostat for electric heater,
  • motion sensor.

The devices are available in 2 versions:

  • secured: the flash memory is encrypted (the WiFi password cannot be read), self-updating of the software is not allowed,
  • unsecured: software modifications allowed, source code on Github.
    For more information, visit: www.alfa46.com.

I am also looking for cooperation in the preparation of new products.

Krzysztof Zurek

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You’ve triggered my interest reflex.

More photos and videos I’m going to place on Instagram :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations! It’s great to see commercial products built on the Web of Things. I have added your devices to the list of supported hardware on the wiki, under a new “Native web things” heading.

I’ve also sent you an email regarding how we can support your distribution of the WebThings Gateway software.

Maybe I could ask for some help here?

I’m trying to get the arduno webthings example to work on a nodemcu for lighting my display cabinet with 12vled strip.
I’m currently just using a single led on breadboard.
The RPi runnng webthings detects the nodemcu and the functions, but the led just stays lite. no On/Off or brightnes control.

I’be grateful for some help.

Sorry to hijack your thread.

I do like your pcbs. can these be purchased alone without the components?