Fix the Debugger

(Dave) #1

Please take this post seriously, its not an idle rant. I am hear to provide feedback as a 35 year full time developer. I can’t use your debugger because it is so bad. It is slow, it crashes, and although Polymer has been out for years and your debugger still can’t load the source files correctly.

Every time someone points out something in my one of my apps that works in Chrome but not in Firefox my productivity crashes through the floor as I spend hours dealing with your debugger. The bug I am trying to find is probably trivial, but without a reliable debugger I am up the creek. It drives me nuts and takes me hours.

But you know what is worse? You have a version of the browser called “Firefox Developer Version”. The debugger actually works in that version and is pretty fast. However, so far today the website features that don’t work in Firefox, work perfectly fine in Firefox developer so I can’t debug them. So tell me what use it is to have a debugger that works on a different version of the browser then the one that people use? Its a waste of time!

I am feed up but have nowhere to go. The only option is to tell clients to NOT use Firefox, which I wouldn’t do. But god do I want to some days.

So please, please, improve the debugger before working on other fancy new stuff.

(Mittineague) #2

Got an example of something that is reproducible?