Fluent plugin for Sublime Text 3


I’ve created a package for Sublime Text 3. It currently features syntax highlighting, symbol index (“Go To Definition” support), and a few basic completion rules (namely, \u, \U, and *).

I’m going to submit it to Package Control, but am unsure which name to pick. The first idea, of course, was “Fluent”, but there already are “fluent-logger” and “Fluentd”. Maybe, “Fluent Translation Lists”? (Or should it be “List”?) Having the “Translation”/“Localization” word in the title seems a good thing to me.

And please, share your thoughts on what else you would like to see in it.

I’d suggest to go for just “Fluent”. Make sure that the description distinguishes it from the other two when searching on https://packagecontrol.io/search/fluent

Done: PR #7699.

The manual review may take several days or weeks, depending on the reviewer’s availability and workload.