Focusing hyperlinks on macOS

Although I have been using macOS for a long time, I only switched to Firefox as my main development browser while I used Windows 10.

Now that I am back on a MacBook for my new job, I am shocked to see that it is ludicrously difficult to enable tabfocus for hyperlinks.

NB: this is unrelated to enabling proper focus behaviour in the keyboard system preferences; that’s the first thing I do on any new account.

After a search, it appears that it is still necessary to

  • visit about:config (wot?)
  • accept the risk disclaimer (wot??)
  • create a new setting with the name accessibility.tabfocus (wot???)
  • assign it the number value 7 (wot???)

I hope I am missing something, but this seems to have been going on for years. I fail to see how that is considered acceptable. :frowning: