Folder Compression for clamav

(Wolfram) #1

Many requests on the internet are for the command line capability of folder compression for Thunderbird. Even though it is nice to have the options available within the program, having it as command line is important for virus scans.

As described in the specs of Thunderbird moved or deleted messages are still in the file system. A virus scanner will report a virus even when that file has been “removed” from a prticular directory until the file compression takes place. Therefore, frequent automated virus scans of the Inbox create repeated reports of the presence of a virus (often a heuristic phishing), set off unnecessary alarms, lead to unnecessary warning emails, and require attention (interruption of work).

If a folder compression could be executed prior to a virus scan (e.g. clamav) many of these false alarms could be avoided by compression since most of the spam is removed by the user or another routine.

What is your view on having such a capability added to Thunderbird?


(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

I think that the best place for that is bugzilla on thunderbird section that discourse.