Force i10n link engine redirect to en language

Hello! I am working on teachhing English students and provide about hundred MDN links every single day. Sadly, because my IP is from Russia, MDN by default display Russian search results and opens Russian articles. I found a little <select> in profile page footer with language settings, but it’s only controls UI language. How can i force MDN to always redirect me to English language articles?

Thanks in advance about any advice

Hey Zulcom, There is a language selector on the top right of every article where you can select the English language article.

MDN doesn’t currently look at your IP to determine the language. Every page has a locale indicator in the URL, like If you click on that URL it will always show you the English version.

That said, if you are using Google to search for articles, Google will always prefer the localized version of that article and link to (notice the /ru/). When you click that, it shows us that you have explicitly selected the Russian version. There is currently no way to tell us that you always want the English version regardless of what URL you have clicked on.

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This question comes up so often that we have an FAQ post about it. Sorry we don’t have a more satisfactory solution.

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Big thanks everyone! Sorry that i missed FAQ about that…
I found Firefox Extension helpful for me and it works like a charm :sparkles:

I can’t find button like close thread, but i think my noob question is solved