Forgot password

I’m using a generator to generate passwords for each website. Apparently
the domain for login page of this website changed, hens my generator is
no longer produce correct password.

How do I reset my password for this account?

What authentication method are you using to log in? If you use “passwordless” (just enter your email in the login form), then you’ll be able to log in without using a password, by clicking on a link sent to you via email.

Replying via email doesn’t work?


  Sorry, how would I use "passwordless" login when I'm using a

generator for passwords? The only link I’ve received on my email
was to confirm it 2 years ago.

Just click “Log in/sign up” and enter your email address you used on Discourse in the box here:


Once you click through the prompts, you’ll be sent an email with a link that’ll sign you into Discourse.

You can also log in with any Firefox/GitHub/Google account which has its primary login identity associated with your email address here on Discourse.

Yes, that’s how I’m trying to login, and that’s where it’s asking
for a password, which as the title of this discussion says I

  Login with any other methods requires registration (aka creating

a new username).

I’ve never seen this message before - could you send a screenshot of where you’re seeing it, or specific instructions as to how you saw it?

Let’s see if it posts images via email, this is when I’m trying
login with “Continue with Firefox” button

Just in case external source:

  Clicking login button goes back to where I select my firefox

account, producing infinite loop.

Ahhh, ok - it looks like we have a bug in our system which means that because your email address contains “” within it, we think you’re a member of staff logging in - so prompt you for a password - instead of sending you an email.

We’ll need to fix that, but it’ll take some time, so the easiest solution for you is if I update the email address on your account to whatever your Firefox account email is (the email address you’ve blanked out in the screenshot).

If you can send me that address directly to I’ll update it for you.

I’ve tested and confirmed this bug, reported it here and suggested a fix


Amazing bug. Excellent work @leo and @gene. You rock!


Found a work around:

I’ve logged in into my firefox account at
Added email that was registered here as secondary email, after validation made it as primary, then I was able login here using firefox account.

It’s just strange that there is no way for us reset the password without jumping through hoops…

Hi @vanowm,

excellent workaround! Glad you are back.

Your specially formed email address uncovered a bug in the regular expression which routes users between “passwordless email” and Mozilla LDAP authentication. You should have been sent to “passwordless email”. In that case, there would be no password. That’s the beauty of the system.

The same goes for the other authentication providers (Firefox Accounts, Google, Github): The FxA password is stored in the FxA system. The Mozilla IAM Login does not have any knowledge of passwords from contributors.

For this reason there are no hoops, as there is no password, which means there is no notion of reset password. Hope this all makes sense now.

Best regards,


Thank you, this makes perfect sense now.

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