Fornux C++ Superset


I wrote a C++ source-to-source compiler that implicitly fixes all memory issues in a deterministic way so no need for garbage collectors, etc. Memory leaks, buffer overflows, unerased deallocated memory blocks, … are 70% of cybersecurity issues.

So instead of rewriting everything in Rust from scratch you can simply use the existing C++ Superset source-to-source compiler documented here:

That inject the following memory manager into existing C++ code:

Reinventing the wheel with Rust will take a huge amount of time, efforts and money. So I am looking for interested people to participate into this project.

Phil Bouchard
CTO & Founder

Are they currently rewriting it in Rust? It has so much custom syntax worst of which is changing the order of data type and variable name to variable name and datatype. Will they even find enough volunteers who are willing to go with that syntax to keep FireFox up to date?

But anyways seems like your’s alternative will cost them money? I see in your downloads page it says Trials.

Please stay tuned as I am currently recompiling WPEWebKit as a proof of concept. I will do the same with Firefox afterwards.