FOSDEM 2023 Presence - Who wants to organize?

Hi everyone

FOSDEM 2023 will happen in person in Brussels on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February 2023. While developer rooms will be physical, there might also be the possibility to do them virtually like this year. However that seems to be based on interest and is not yet finally decided.

Now the main question is, who would like to organize the Mozilla presence for both developer room and a stand?

I can certainly help out with certain tasks or guidance, however I do not know yet if I’ll be able to join in person, and I know that I will not have much time in the coming 2 months. Therefore I will not be able to take the lead on this one.

DevRoom: More Info, deadline for proposal is October 18th
Stand: More Info, deadline is November 15th

As said above, I’m happy to help out with certain tasks, however I can’t commit to anything. Who else would be interested?


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I’m interested, but I’m not sure of my location in February as of now. Do we have a deadline to confirm?

cc’ing @harshil1712 to see if he might want to get involved.

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Hi Michael, all,
I can help remotely - I am not sure if I will be there in Brussels in Feb yet.

I can commit to organizing the Call for Papers / make a line up for the devroom if we will have it.
For the booth - we should get some Mozilla official support for the swag and other resources and i can make a plan for standing there too- a schedule etc

Keep in touch!

I can help on crafting the agenda and staffing the booth. I’m planning to attend FOSDEM in any case.

What I think is more critical is to send the email to request the Devroom (we used to have a template for that, no idea if it’s still around).

Do you know if we will have budget or Mozilla support somehow?, without that, I don’t think is doable.


However, I won’t be able to do it alone, so I will definitely need some help at least remotely. Can we

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Hi all, can you give me an idea of the support/ resource needed? So I can look it into it, and give you a concrete answer :slight_smile:

Hi @fminelli

What we usually need is support on:

  • Budget to bring volunteers (travel & accommodation)
  • Spread the C4P internally inside Mozilla staff to promote new projects/campaigns/etc
  • Swag request (stickers, roll-ups, devices, etc), to give away or to demo

Other than that, is what we usually manage. If you want, we can coordinate a quick chat with Ioanna/Michael/Reps to discuss amount and resources needed :wink:


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Thanks for the answer, let me check what help is available and I will get back to you :slight_smile:

Hi All,

I am planning to go to Fosdem this year and i am certainly willing to step to organize the Mozilla presents there! As Mozilla is willing to support this effort.

Good to see that there are more people willing to help! I suggest we all have a call this week to see if we can start, @mkohler, @Ioana @francjp @pransh15 are you available for this? What time and day are good for you


Tim Maks


I am keen to help as well (I really enjoyed working in the stand), but my understanding is that there is no support for community events at the moment.

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I am looking into what help we can offer for this specific event.

I don’t know yet if I am able to go at Fosdem, but I will let you know :slight_smile:

@mkohler has you find / choose someone to organize?

Sent you all an email :slight_smile:. Let me know if you commented in this thread and I did not include you.

Way too busy these days, sorry for not responding to some questions earlier. This shows exactly why it’s not a good idea to let me organize everything this year. However still happy to help with smaller, less time critical tasks.

In terms of organizations, all tasks will be done remotely. For the actual participation if everything works out we probably should issue a more official call anyway. For local participation I would be very surprised if we would consider Reps outside of Europe due to travel costs though.

Absolutely, the deadline is coming. Let’s figure out things with Francesca first though, if that somehow is possible with this deadline. Regarding template, I didn’t save it last year and I am not aware of a previous one. In any case, let’s save it to the Wiki this time :sweat_smile:

What we will need for that form is two people who are okay with being the official organizers towards the FOSDEM organizing committee. That would include Pentabarf access and receiving all the communication from them.

Sorry again for not being available and starting this process rather late. In any case, ping me if you have questions around this year’s virtual event. For previous physical events Anthony might be able to answer those better.

If everything goes south and we can’t have a devroom, Anthony told me that he has support for a Web devroom we could submit talks to to get some presence. I’d definitely prefer a Mozilla devroom though!

I’m also interested and happy to take lead. Are we planning any calls to discuss @mkohler?

hi, I will be present at the fosdem, but for the moment I have too many events at the same time to help for the fosdem, but we can plan an animation with deepspeech as I already have for an event in France
I have another animation that I hope will work in the next few days that uses voice

link translate commonVoice with one Raspberry PI (demo on the booth)


I think @francjp or @Ioana are in a better position to answer that. What I do know though is that Francisco has sent the dev room proposal.

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Hey @rowdymehul - thanks for the question


  • we applied to FOSDEM for devroom and we want to apply for a booth too - Francisco is driving this
  • Francesca is making a business case for a budget within Mozilla
  • all other things are on standby because of the things mentioned above

One thing you can contribute is to share interesting ideas of topics or speakers for the Mozilla DevRoom - in case we get accepted to start pinging/inviting people.

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Hi there @rowdymehul,

Like @Ioana mentioned, we are waiting a reply from FOSDEM organizers for the Devroom (we shouldn’t forget deadline for stands as well).

To set expectations clear:

  • If we have budget it will be very low.
  • If organization offer us only a Virtual Devroom, we will definitely need support from everywhere, so all help will be welcomed (choose talks, contact speakers, promote it, etc).
  • Timing will be very tight (we are about to enter November and the event is in February), so all this process will have a high pace.

Other than that, we are on standby waiting the budget approval and Devroom approval from FOSDEM.


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Thank you @Ioana & @francjp for the updates.

I will definitely try my best to help here. Let me come up with some ideas.

I will get back to you in some time.