FOSDEM Call for papers

@flaburgan: Deadline was on the 1st. Accepted talks will be announced on 15th.


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Call 4 Papers

First of all, I remind you that the call for papers is closed right now.
All submissions was processed and we will announce the result along this
week instead of waiting until 15th.

We’ve received around 44 proposals, and I think this is the first time
we receive so many talks for FOSDEM. All of them are awesome proposals
by awesome people, but we need to make a selection about them, which is
never too easy.

Sadly, for this occasion, we’ve decided to select only proposals from
European volunteers. We will review also the talks submitted by staff
members, but the reason to narrow that to Europe is for budgeting
reasons, and because we will have more opportunities to participate in
other local events in several regions around the world. I know that is
not the same since FOSDEM is a big event, but we have similar events in
other countries, and we definitely need your help to improve our
presence there. We also need to be more smart in the way we participate,
and the way we spent the money for Reps. I know that we should indicate
this at the beginning of my call for paper email, so if you need more
information about why we decided this, please feel free to write me an

As a foot note, the final selection hasn’t been made yet, so expect more
info on the following days regarding that.

Call for Volunteers

On the other hand, this is also a Call for Volunteers for FOSDEM 2015.

This year, we can only sponsor a few reps for travel and accommodation.
Aside that, those who will be selected has to know that they will be
contributing at the booth, and accomplish a few goals that we will set
for this year. Metrics will be a fundamental part, filling that, we
would be able to invite more reps/mozillians next time. So it will be an
event with a high commitment level, and with some duties for the people
that will help at the booth.

Again, for budgeting reasons, we can only cover travel and accommodation
from reps from Europe. So if you are a rep from Belgium, France or
Holland (or other parts of Europe), and don’t need to be sponsored, you
can also add your name and help as a volunteer at the booth. This time,
we can only cover the travel and accommodation for 6 reps.

The etherpad for sign-up is here:

Please include your name, reps profile, and the information required. If
you have any doubt, feel free to reach me by email, IRC, or whatever
other channel.

Feel free to make any inquiry in this topic.

Best regards,

@franc maybe it would be nice to have a separate topic for this call since it’s different from this topic “Call to volunteers”.


Hi fellow Mozillians,

This is to confirm the accepted talks for Mozilla Dev-Room at FOSDEM 2015.

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your time and for send your submissions, it was the first time that we’ve received so many proposals (more than 40). Unfortunately this year, we cannot select all of them, and aside that, we had to dismiss the proposals from volunteers outside Europe for budgeting reasons.

I will contact personally along the next week with the selected speakers to check travel options and accommodation. And confirm that they will be available for those dates.

In the end, we had to choose amongst 20 proposals. The applied criteria was:

  • Relevance of the topic
  • Competence of the speaker
  • If the topic is similar to the ones we proposed
  • Activity over the last 6 months if it’s a volunteer

The results are this 15 following talks:

  1. Build Open HTML5 Games (Andrzej Mazur)
  2. Debugging web apps in every device with Firefox (Panagiotis Astithas)
  3. Firefox OS Tricorder (Robert Kaiser)
  4. HTTP/2 right now (Daniel Stenberg)
  5. Keeping Secrets with JavaScript (Tim Taubert)
  6. Participation Metrics in Mozilla (Pierros Papadeas)
  7. Reaching more users through better accessibility (Marco Zehe)
  8. Servo (the parallel web browser) and YOU! (Josh Matthews)
  9. The Future of JavaScript (Benjamin Bouvier and Hannes Verschore)
  10. What’s new in Firefox? (Florian Quèze)
  11. Superturbocharging Firefox OS app development with node-firefox (Soledad Penadés)
  12. Maintaining & Growing a Technical Community (Ali Spivak)
  13. Privacy Features for Firefox for Android (Margaret Leibovic)
  14. SpiderMonkey garbage collection update (Jon Coppeard)
  15. Firefox OS web api’s (Loïc Cuguen)

All talks should be around 20 minutes, allowing 5 minutes of Q&A, except "The Future of JavaScript, that I will double check with Benjamin and Hannes how many time they need to allow them to have a double slot in the schedule.

If you need to make any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email personally.

Best regards,

And see you at FOSDEM!


Dear @franc for a QA person, I get very excited when I see each session has 5 mins for QA than… after 1 sec I realized you probably wanted to write Q&A… I was so ready to find bugs :smiley:
Congrats to all!

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Amended, sorry to give you false hopes :stuck_out_tongue: