FOSDEM Call for papers

Hi fellow mozillians,

One more year FOSDEM is coming. The biggest FLOSS event in Europe will be held as usual at Brussels on January 31st to February 2nd. Mozilla has presence since 2003, and next year we will have a Mozilla Room again.

This is a call for all mozillians (staff and volunteers) to propose your talks for FOSDEM.

This year we have some conditions to apply in order to be more consistent with the Mozilla goals for 2015.

If you are shy, or don’t feel like you want to talk in public, we will open a call for volunteers later. We will have our devroom only one day, so please note that we cannot assure that your talk will be selected due to agenda constrains.

If you want, you can propose a talk for the other dev-rooms in pentabarf.

The topics that we want to cover for this next edition are:

  • Firefox Hello
  • New developer tools
  • Privacy tools
  • Firefox Accounts
  • Firefox OS

However, we will accept any other topic, but ideally these are the suggested topics.

If you feel that you are not able to talk in public, or too shy, you can suggest topics/talks for the Mozilla devroom, only put some details in the etherpad:
so speakers can also find some inspiration for their talks.

Important Information
Duration of the talks: 30 minutes including QA
Deadline: December 1st.
Acceptance notifications: December 15th.

Presentations will be recorded and streamed, so sending your proposal it will imply that you accept and give permission for this. Note that recording will be published under the same license as all FOSDEM content (cc-by), however, exceptions could be requested.

To submit your proposal, visit :

If you have previously send a proposal for FOSDEM, you should probably have a pentabarf account. So we kindly suggest you to not create a new one. If you forgot your password, please reset it. If this is your first time using pentabarf, go ahead and create an account.

After you have your account configured (you will receive a confirmation email), create the event, and click on “Show all” in the top right corner to diplay the full form. When submitting your talk in pentabarf, make sure to select “Mozilla devroom” as track, and include the following information:

  • The title and subtitle of your talk
  • A short abstract of one paragraph
  • A longer description if you wish to do so
  • Links to related websites/blogs etc

All contributors who will be selected for a talk, will be sponsored for travel and accommodation.



A little question, in Italy I was a speaker in Mozilla event or IT/Open Source event about Firefox OS and the Mozilla World.
I’ve different talk ready about Firefox OS and Firefox Dev Tool but they are thought for techincal people or newbie of the web development so what is the target?

Some example of my talks:

[ENG] Firefox Development for Newbie:
Simple talk with a list of tools, library and documentation for teh newbie
[ITA] Il web, i maker e le Open Web App:
Talk showed at Maker Faire Rome 3 weeks ago about the use of Open Web App for the project of the maker worlds for simplify the development and users workflow
[ITA] Smontiamo il Web con i Tool di Firefox!:
Simple talk for show the tools of firefox with screenshot and interactive example (not updated with the storage inspector ecc)

Hi @Mte90,

Probably if you visit you get a better idea of the type of the event.

Like the wiki from last edition says: “(FOSDEM) It is renowned for being highly developer-oriented and brings together 5000+ geeks from all over the world.”

So I will suggest to focus your proposal more in a tech perspective :wink:


Thanks for the explanation.
I think that is beyond my knowledge considering the level of talk of last year.

There will be workshops or hackaton?

I don’t have the schedule yet, but I don’t recall having a hackaton in FOSDEM, there were lightning talks and certifications exams (previous year schedule). So expect something similar for next edition.


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Do we propose our talk in the etherpad first(just did) and then await for community acceptance on that?
Or are we supposed to just go ahead and apply in pentabarf.

Go ahead and submit it in pentabarf.

We are working on find the most transparent way to curate the talks (so we will probably use the etherpad to include the talks, and vote, or), but this year we will use pentabarf to submit the proposals directly.

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@franc Awesome. I’ll do that. Also I can submit more than one talk right? I want to submit something else too, but that does not align directly with the topics you mentioned.

And I have also submitted the first one’s name in the etherpad

Yes, you can. Ideally it’s only one per person, since we only have the room for one day, and we would like to admit as many mozillians as possible.

Also note that if someone send a similar proposal, we can request to do the presentation together.


Submitted proposal. I guess we can’t directly link the proposal here (even if we do probably it won’t be visible).
But still it’s here.

Hi @rabimba,

Not necessary to post here the proposal, since the other people can’t see it with that link (only you, since it’s your submission).

We will try to figure out a voting/curator/review process if we have more talks than we can accomodate for the day we have the devroom.


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Submitted my talk, thank you Francisco :slight_smile:

Also asking: How will the review process work for submitted talks?

Hi Elio,

Not sure yet, but ideally we will try to have talks more related to the proposed topics. However, I can’t tell you since we didn’t decided the criteria yet.


Thanks, Francisco.

Just an FYI: I also submitted a proposal. Do we have some sort of best practices among Mozillians on how to submit a proposal?

Hi Regnard,

Nope, we don’t have any guideline to submit a talk… I think we can start a document for that for future events.

Hi guys,

For two years I make a talk about “Web and Online privacy”, presenting Collusion / LightBeam and way to protect your online life (see the oldest talk two years ago: I see that this year, " Privacy tools" are listed in the topic to cover.

My question is, what did change recently in the “privacy tools” provided by mozilla? I saw nothing really new in Lightbeam this last months. What are the “privacy tools” you’re speaking about? Am I missing something?

I’m looking for news from mozilla to present to people, because I already did that talk twice, so I’m afraid I would not learn anything new to people if I did it a third time just about lightbeam.


For privacy tools, we intend to cover the new features like “forget me” button, and duckduck go search engine included in the search bar, the possible TOR integration, etc.

Lightbeam could be a good talk to present, but if you think that you will be repeating the same chat again, is okey.

In any case, take the “suggested” topics as it is: suggestions to see if we can cover the main important points of Mozilla activities.

Well if someone can give me pointers and summarize the recent activity of Mozilla in the privacy sector, I’ll be happy to make a presentation :slight_smile:

@franc anything new?