FOSDEM - Call for Volunteers

Call for Volunteers

This is a Call for Volunteers for FOSDEM 2015.

This year, we can only sponsor a few reps for travel and accommodation.
Aside that, those who will be selected has to know that they will be
contributing at the booth, and accomplish a few goals that we will set
for this year. Metrics will be a fundamental part, filling that, we
would be able to invite more reps/mozillians next time. So it will be an
event with a high commitment level, and with some duties for the people
that will help at the booth.

Again, for budgeting reasons, we can only cover travel and accommodation
from reps from Europe
. So if you are a rep from Belgium, France or
Holland (or other parts of Europe), and don’t need to be sponsored, you
can also add your name and help as a volunteer at the booth. This time,
we can only cover the travel and accommodation for 6 reps.

The etherpad for sign-up is here:

Please include your name, reps profile, and the information required. If
you have any doubt, feel free to reach me by email, IRC, or whatever
other channel.

Feel free to make any inquiry in this topic, or send me an email if you prefer (franc at mozilla dot com)

Best regards,


I’ll be there too, but on my own budget :slight_smile: This will be my first FOSDEM, looking forward to it!

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First? You will become addicted! I just need to warn you.

Yep, addiction is the correct word… It will be my 11th FOSDEM (missed the 2012 edition because of disease kindly spread by my daughter).

OMG, 11th FOSDEM? I’m a dinosaur, old guard. I’m almost part of the decoration…


Shouldn’t this be in the Reps Category? I mean this is for Reps Volunteers, right?

Anyway, added myself too, FOSDEM is an experience you don’t want to miss!

There are 3 dinosaurs :smiley:

Wow! thanks for sharing the pic miss!
Looking exactly the same greatness now like back then!


Hopefully this will be my 2nd! Last year was my first and it was so surreal. It’s a developers heaven and everyone is so nice. Got to talk to awesome projects I have respect for and informed so many on FirefoxOS.

Hi fellow Reps,

Some quick updates regarding the call for volunteers:

  1. Deadline: since we need to move forward and book flights, deadline
    is this next Saturday 20th. 23:59 CEST

    After that moment, we will not accept any other sign-up
  2. If you haven’t sign-up yet, please do:
  3. Unfortunately we can only sponsor Reps from Europe to help on the
    booth. Please note that, Reps from other regions will not be selected,
    even if they are super actives, or has a lot of experience, or if they
    were on previous FOSDEMs
  4. The criteria for select volunteers for the booth will be:
  • Activity over the last 6 months (ideally, at least 3 events, related
    to FLOSS)
  • Knowledge in any of these areas: Firefox OS, MDN, Developer tools,
    Community Building
  • Expertise on Community building, or experience running a booth
  1. Selected Reps will be contacted by Monday, and will be informed how
    they have to book their flights.

Selected Reps that hasn’t booked their flights by December 31st, will be
automatically removed (they will receive an email informing this) and
another Rep (from the etherpad list), will be replacing him/her.

Again, if you need more info, or if it’s something unclear, feel free to
contact me by email, or IRC, or whatever you prefer (I accept Yammer too).


Just to be clear, Sébastien and I (lines 20 and 21) have signed up on the etherpad with No/No/No. It’s not a mistake: we will go to FOSDEM but don’t need any travel or accommodation. We just wanted to say that we will be there.

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Don’t worry @flore, I was counting with both of you :wink:

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Hello Amazing Reps,

Time to announce the Reps that has been selected to help at the Booth this next FOSDEM.

This time we can only cover travel and accommodation for 6 Reps from Europe.

To inform you as clear as possible:

  • From the 25 persons that signed up, only 17 were From Europe.

  • From those 17, 3 are from the French/Belgian Community (Flore,
    Sebastien, and Monique, that I will send them an email later to explain
    next steps), and they indicate that they don’t need travel.

So from those 14, we had to choose according to the criteria proposed

(Activity, Area of Expertise, and Expertise on Community building and running a booth). The idea was to be as fair as possible, and try to invite people that could bring expertise in their areas, and help us run a booth successfully, with a clear outcome.

Unfortunately, we can only invite 6 Reps (wish we could invite the 14 for next time). The selected Reps are:

  • Ioana Chiorean
  • Soumya Chakraborty
  • Stephen Murphy
  • István Szmozsánszky (flaki)
  • Christos Bacharakis
  • Giannis Konstantinidis

You will receive an email from me later today, about how to book your flight and information about the hotel.

Thanks to all Reps for your efforts and patience with this process. In case that someone wants to ask more about how we decided this, or wants to propose other criterias for selecting Reps, please ping me by email, to avoid noise in this mailing list.

Hope to see you on FOSDEM!



I am glad we have at least one Womoz between those 6 accepted :smiley: ( + @r_HN42fyO-WKqJJnvvAS8F-w and @webatou, @monique) Congrats to all!
As mentioned on Telegram my new motto is:
“Metrics - I will dream metrics
Impact - I will breath impact”


Looking forward to this! Thanks for accepting me! :slight_smile:


Yay! Gonna be fun! Thanks so much for the opportunity! :smile:

Please have a look at if you’re not sponsored and you’re coming on your own expenses.

First Fosdem for me too :smiley: