Free software is a myth

(Frank Heuvelman) #1

This topic is about what I regard to be theft of content.

I have a big problem with the fact that a number (or maybe even all of them) of screenshot add-on providers (like Nimbus or Awesome) by default load every screenshot you make directly up to their server, without notifying the user or even mention it in the primary description.

Awesome screenshot goes even further by just uploading your screenshot to a server WITHOUT even making a copy on your hard drive. And of course also without mentioning in the features. My wife has lost a LOT of her content that way.

I think this is a pretty misleading way of conduct and Mozilla shouldn’t allow add-on developers to steal any of your content in such a sick and secretive way.
Or, even better Mozilla shouldn’t allow ANY add-on that makes copies of ANY of your private content for whatever purpose, with or without asking your permission to do so…

These guys might just as well install hidden software for whatever reason without notifying you or anyone else.
I see absolutely no reason why that couldn’t be done.

So, please don’t call your software ‘free’ when your users have to pay a price for it anyway.
I call that a criminal scam. Plain and simple.

Thank you and greetz from Amsterdam.

(Jorge) #2

I looked at both Nimbus and Awesome Screenshots, and neither of them appear to upload the images to a remote server by default. You may be confused by the way they display the generated images, in a URL that begins with moz-extension://. That’s a local URL used by extensions, and not an actual website.

(Frank Heuvelman) #3

Hi Jorgev. Thanx for your reply.

Awesome screenshots (by default) doesn’t even save any of your screenshot to any of my harddrives.
At lease, I could find none of the fifty screenshots or so my wife made using Awesome Screenshots.

About Nimbus Screenshots
At the image I attached, you can see the site that’s being opened and closed and a few hundred kilobites is send to when I click ‘Save as Image’