From setting up the About topic

@Kensie, you can publish the above content for the post :wink:

Thanks again for doing this so soon :smile:

@shine updated as per your post.

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anytime @shine cool name btw :wink:

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That’s my official name too. :slight_smile:

Thanks @buluma_michael. :smile:

really cool. i like it. okay, you guys go ahead. Reach out if you need any help.

sure. will do. thanks. :+1:

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You guys were being so nice to each other, I decided to just move this to its own topic instead of deleting it :smiley:

@buluma_michael - thanks for getting to this so quickly!

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Thanks @Kensie :smile:

@shine hi, was there a bug for this category created? I’d like to add it to the documentation.


Thanks @Kensie :heart: