Frustrated with discource authentication

I do not use discourse a lot, but weekly I get n email that sort of prompts me to follow up on a few things. I click the link and it drops me in discourse. All good so far. Now click on the link in front of you and it signs you out. Upon signing you in it drops you somewhere else entirely. Seriously not very friendly at all. Then I have to start finding the page I was on when I had decided where I wanted to go.

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Thanks for vocalising this. I have found this to be a little tricky to manage too!

Hey Matt

Thanks for raising this issue, it’s posts like this that help make the experience better for everyone! :slight_smile:

I imagine you were logged out as soon as you opened Discourse because we log users out if they haven’t loaded the site in a while. That’s a necessary security precaution, but there’s definitely things we can do to improve the experience.

I’ve filed a bug to that end here:

Let me know if there’s any element of this I’ve missed, or if you have any other problems.


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I think the logout is the issue, but it is not a description that is needed to fix it. It is the issue of emailing and then on arrival at exactly the destination chosen. clicking the reply button and being logged out and not going to the link you have chosen, ever. You have to find it after the login dumps you somewhere else.

What needs to happen is the process needs to store the destination that prompted the logout action and dialog and send you there after you authenticate. Or returns you to the page you were on before you clicked the link so you can repeat the action yourself. These are fairly normal approaches to authentication being required. Dropping the user to the home page is not.

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