Full Theme Support, I'm sticking with version 60.9.1!

Hello I’m just writing this to be annoying and let everyone know I’m still using version 60.9.1 on Mac. From what I can tell, I’ll never be able to update Thunderbird again.

You might think its a little dramatic risking your security just to use the Walnut theme, but the thing is; Its my computer, and I like the walnut theme. Why should anyone settle to have full theme support taken away and replaced with a bland light or dark option? They should not. Software, particularly open source software should be about freedom for its users. Even (especially!) if that freedom just means making things look silly.

Thunderbird is a great email client, but its only a great client because its not the mac default client, its more than that. So why, oh why does every update detract from its main asset? I don’t know and I never will, but what I do know is that the walnut theme is fun, every time I check my email I look at it and say, ah, that’s fun!

I may be in the minority, the last walnut theme holdout in the great sea of flatui drones. However in the sunny dream lands of my computer desktop full theme support will never die, and I will never update past 60.9.1, the last bastion of hope in this dark-mode world.

I have no issue with using the current Thunderbird’s main asset of composing, sending, receiving and reading email.