Functions - task 3 - assessment wanted


I’ve just done task 3 from ’ Functions — reusable blocks of code’ chapter . Could you look at my solution: Functions 3

Hi @CX-Cris,

I started looking at your code thinking what has this person done to make it so complicated… then I realised I had done it wrong when I did it :sweat_smile: So a big thank you for making me aware of my own error. I forgot that there was a need for two bounds.

I looked at your code and the aim of task 3 of Functions test your skills. Three points were raised here.

  1. Refactor the code that generates the random number into a separate function called random() , which takes as parameters two generic bounds that the random number should be between, and returns the result.
  2. Update the chooseName() function so that it makes use of the random number function, takes the array to choose from as a parameter (making it more flexible), and returns the result.
  3. Print the returned result into the paragraph ( para )'s textContent .

In respect of point 1 you have created a random function but not as they say by naming it random. I would have chosen:

function random() {
    // code here

I would apply the same to the chooseName function.

I am curious, as I am not a expert in maths, if the + 1 is needed:

let first = 0;
let last = names.length-1;

let number = function(first, last){
  return Math.floor(Math.random() * (last - first + 1) + first);

According to MDN Getting a random integer between two values you dont need the + 1 but then I think you would have to remove the +1 and the -1 from your code. I am still trying to figure out the logic in this.

I also agree with the way you add two parameters to the chooseName function so that it takes random() function as well as the array. Something else that I missed on.

Nice work and thanks for sharing the code. :muscle: :sunglasses:

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