Fundamental layout comprehension

I would appreciate some feedback on this “Fundamental Layout Comprehension”. This came a lot easier to me than it did before in other iterations of learning how to do layouts. I think because I took a more deliberate approach and took my time to understand. Some tutorials seem ok, but I went through them so quickly because there’s not much theory or many examples to look over. I understand way more than I did a month ago, by starting this CSS course from start.

Fundamental Layout Comprehension Pen

Please and Thank You!

Hi there @boknowpyro! I have looked over your code, and it works really well!

You can check out our version here: See how it compares.

I am so glad you are making good process in your learning. Let me know if there are any tutorials that you think need more examples to work through — I’d be interestede in your feedback.

thanks again! i don’t know if I worded myself correctly. I think the examples on MDN are great and enough for me.

I was referring to other site tutorials and videos that i went through when i wrote that.

I think there’s just enough here to where I get what I need to understand and then do my own research for more understanding. I have to go back a lot and review, but going through the course has made it easier for me to navigate the site to get to where I need in a short amount of time.

I wish I had started learning from this site a long time ago. I’m following another curriculum, but found my way to here. Now, I’ll use this as my main source of learning while I complete the other.

Cool, that is so good to hear! Thank you :wink:

But if you do ever find anything that you think could be better, don’t be afraid to tell me.

No problem!! :+1: Soon, I’ll be starting Javascript.