Further assistance needed for Functions 2 skill test

Hi, I actually can’t find my way around this test, probably because I have problems working with .
Here’s a link to the pen : https://codepen.io/mitch-ihejirika/pen/dyMebGj
Also, here’s a link to the actual task page: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/JavaScript/Building_blocks/Test_your_skills:_Functions#Assessment_or_further_help

Kindly provide a solution with some explanation. Thanks.

Hello @mitchellihejirika

check this leason it has some code about how to draw on canvas element

and also this one

and also this

hope those help you to figure out the issue and have a nice day

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You’re awesome! Thanks.

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thanks a lot and glad it helped and you very welcome :slight_smile:

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