GabFest - A Conv-ference about the Web!

Hey everyone!

Starting on 19th June, we’re starting a series of event under ‘GabFest’, where we shall talk about various parts of the web with people who’re most involved or have been involved for a long time! A conversation with those who care for the web, the most and are making their efforts in keeping it safe, accessible and inclusive for everyone!

We’d be hosting these virtually, via online meeting platforms and uploading the recordings on our YouTube Channel for everyone to access it later! Set the thread settings to ‘Watching’ to get notified of new events and updates about this!


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The first Episode is scheduled for 19th June, 8PM IST where we’ll be talking with @shahbaz17 @soniasingla @tanzeelkhan and @gueroJeff , from the Localisation Team :100:

Make sure you RSVP here: GabFest S0E1 - Localisation

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