Gamification for Inclusion in Under-served Communities

This session is facilitated by Bolutife Adisa

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About this session

The facilitator will engage the session attendees through shared experiences on the efforts of Digital Grassroots ( in bridging digital divides and improving digital literacy in underserved communities using the Digital Rights Monopoly. There will be an exhibition of the Digital Rights Monopoly ( and attendees will be given the opportunity to share their feedback, experiences and suggestions on other creative games that can be useful in teaching kids and local communities important internet topics for security, economy and social life. The workshop would enable participants to share challenges and personal experiences from their countries about how citizens can easily learn about Internet governance issues by simplifying the concept through gamification.

Thereafter, the session moderator will close the session and provide a recap of suggestions and possible next steps for continuing and implementing the issues discussed.

Goals of this session

This session aims to identify new innovative means to improving inclusion of youths and under-served communities in internet discussions using common games as a tool for teaching and learning about Internet governance topics.

The session also aims to explore community inputs on alternative ways to localize internet content for digital literacy in order to bridge the digital divide in under-served communities.