Generating new XPI

I have today added my first extension successfully and I was sent an XPi file for distribution which I installed into Firefox fine. When clicking on manage extensions within Firefox for the extension I noticed I had very little under details so with my developer login I updated the description information and summary information presuming this will update the DETAILS?. Will it, that’s my first question?
I presume I need to generate a new XPI to take into account this new information I have updated but can’t see anywhere of doing this?
No doubt missing something obvious.
Thanks, any help greatly appreciated.

If you chose self-distribution, then the details there are based on the information provided in your manifest.json

Else they are based on the info on AMO and should be reflected within a couple hours in Firefox after changing them on AMO afaik (Firefox caches the info).

Okay that makes sense, thank you very much.