Get opened 'extension://<my ext id>/index.html' tabs without permission?

My addon has a index.html which can be opened in a tab as URL
moz-extension://<id of my ext>/index.html

On Firefox , I successfully got opened
moz-extension://<id of my ext>/index.html tabs by :

            currentWindow: true
        }, callbackfunc);

without any special permission.

But on Chrome, I need ‘tabs’ permission to get them.
Without ‘tabs’ permission, chrome.tabs.query({}, r=>console.log(r)) returns tabs without URL. Even those tabs from my extension.

‘tabs’ permission is too wide. I don’t think users will be comfortable with that.

Is there any way to get them withou ‘tabs’ permission?

That I find strange because according to the MDN documentation, Firefox should also need either host permissions or permission for the Tabs API to query tabs with a certain URL. Perhaps Firefox allows it because it’s an internal extension page, not a website.

Unfortunately, since Chrome doesn’t allow you to access the URL of a tab without permission, you can’t really get around it.

However, since it’s an internal page generated with your add-on, you could maybe get around it by using some kind of workaround. Something like opening a runtime port or sending a runtime message to the background script (aka service worker) and using the response to generate a list of tab IDs. But that is kind of a “hacky” way of doing it.