Getting a HomeKit bulb to work with Mozilla IOT

Trying to get a LiFX mini bulb to work with the IOT gateway. I just updated from 0.4.0 to 0.4.1 today. I have the bulb configured with the Apple HomeKit app but cant get it to work with the Rpi 3b that I have.

I have added homekit-adapter but cant get it to recognize the bulb. the id field in the pinCodes screen says it is a required field. I have the sticker that came with the bulb that has the same info as what is printed on the bulb i.e. 123-13-133. That isnt a valid code but you get the idea.

I have tried entering the code in the field with dashes and with colon but it wont talk to the device. I looked for a mac address on the base of the bulb but dont see one on there. Has anyone else gotten a homekit bulb to work ?


Hi Ron,

Have you unpaired the bulb with your iOS device? That is required.

Alternatively, we also have a LIFX add-on that you could try.


I had it working under the LIFX add-on and wanted it try it under Homekit since it works under that as well. I am working on a book on Home Automation and want to include this in my book.

What is the format I should enter the code from the booklet that came with the bulb ? The id and pin fields arent clear as to where the homekit code should be entered.


The ID is something that looks like a MAC address. It shows up in the mDNS broadcast, and will be logged in ~/.mozilla-iot/log/run-app.log, but a stub will also be added automatically for you. You can browse to Settings -> Add-ons and click Configure for the HomeKit add-on. The PIN will be entered there, in the XXX-YY-ZZZ form.

ok. that gets me closer. now just need to find the other part. will take the info you gave me and see what I can find. I have unpaired the bulb and will try again. I understand a little about linux. I have a keyboard connected to the RPi and am looking for the directory structure. what is the path ahead of the .mozilla-iot so I can see the log file you mentioned ?



Thanks. Found the file. will keep plugging along


Does your book include a whole set home solution based on Mozilla Webthing Gateway?

Please Help I am trying to connect My bulb I have found a address (2c:58:e7:ba:7f:93) that looks correct but I have no Idea where the actual pin Is.