Getting request was throttled , please try again later in 26175 seconds

While sending, addons for signing using web-ext we are getting error response , request was throttled try again in 26175 seconds.
This we are seeing recently.
What is the root cause of the issue.? and what is the limit , how many addons can be signed per account within a given timeframe range.

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Hi @addons, can you please share the name, GUID, or URL of your extension so we can look into it?

From what you’ve described, it sounds like your extension files are large for the validator to process and the request is timing out. If you can reduce the size of your files that may help.

This error is about submitting too many versions for signing. Please limit the number of submissions to the minimum. If you encounter the error message, you have to wait the stated time before you can submit another version.