Getting Started with Social Support, Army of Awesome?


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Last December it was expected for the Army of Awesome application hosted on the website to be updated with the new Social Support Program information. Since this did not happen, I am going to pin this post to the SUMO section for people to easily find all of the information.

Since the last blog post a lot has happened.

The easiest and quickest resource where all the information about the program can be accessed is actually put together by the community. Check out this add-on to have all the information on your install of Firefox.

The Mozilla Social Support program is an updated launch of what used to be called Army of Awesome. It can still be accessed and used by casual contributors. However, once a month, if you did participate someone will reach out to you with more information about the Social Support Program.

Since the blog update we have been surveying all of the participants on what people use and what was actually helpful for making the program fun, rewarding and easy to participate in.

The guidelines now outline some of the benefits of participating in the program as well as some easy ways to get started with the widely used TweetDeck and on the mobile Twitter app.

The handy links for getting started are bellow:

  1. The Social Support Guidelines
  2. The Roles in the Social Support Program
  3. The sign up form
  4. Finding Tweets in my Language
  5. How to configure TweetDeck
  6. Social Support Program, all you need to know about Reply This is for the users that have been vouched by a moderator or has requested to be reviewed by moderators (just email to start the process) and has exhibited qualities that are described in the Role description document in number 2

Key places for live communication that you voted used the most:

  1. The Social Support #aoa IRC channel which is bridged with the Telegram group linked here - This is the best place for mentorship.
  2. The support forum - here is the catch, there are alot of them. So I am thinking this post will be the start of the activity for Social Support in Discourse. The ol’ forum can be checked too here So for now both
  3. The social-support@ email account, which is a private group that is only accessible if you have an NDA.

Reach out and say hello if you are interested in joining. There is a live meeting every other Friday.
The meeting notes can be accessed:
Social Support Meeting Notes
The recordings on in the Airmo SUMO Channel link.