GitHub authorization does not work (heroku)

Here is my settings:
Homepage URL

Authorization callback URL

Django administration
Home › Social Accounts › Social applications › GitHub
Name: gitHub
Client id: (copied from github)
Secret key: (copied from github)
Key: empty
Sites: Chosed sites >

authorization worked, and then I was redirected to page

I can see 1 user in github app, but every time I try to login, I get this message “Oops! Something is wrong. We’re going to fix it soon” and same url… Also there is no new users in django admin. As if the user was authorized on the side of the github, but he is not in the pontoon database

here is part of the heroku log:

Can anyone check the work of github authorization on heroku?

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Hey, welcome to Pontoon :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having using GitHub to authenticate users in Pontoon. I was able to reproduce the problem locally.

And filed a bug:

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