Global Hotkeys

(Kris) #1

So I tried to switch from Chrome to Firefox yesterday and there was a single addon that didn’t port across to firefox that broke the entire transition for me. Namely, an addon called Stream Keys, which allows you to map a hotkey such as Media Play/Pause to pause Youtube and Netflix and such, even if Chrome isn’t the active window or tab.

Can we get support for something like this from Firefox? Every time I look for something, they say that firefox doesn’t support global hotkeys and thus this won’t work.

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(Howdy2u) #2

I’m having the same experience. I use an addon in Chrome to control media and with global hotkeys, I can pause/play from any app. In Firefox, I have to have FF focused.
It would be great to be able to use the hotkey from anywhere. Even if it was an addon that enabled the functionality.

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