Global Sprint is coming! [May 10-11, 2018]

It might be months away but Londoners infamously leave everything to the last minute. Not on my watch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In the spirit of all the things organised, please take note of the dates May 10-11, for the 2018 Global Sprint. If you know any projects worthy of amplifying, this is a great initiative for them.

Draft event details right here >>

Shareable link >>

With the onboarding of Open Leaders projects, and their mentors, now taken place - we’re gearing up to another truly GLOBAL sprint.

Pre-registration is NOW LIVE.

If you know any additional suitable projects, wherever they may be, whatever the stage of development, take a moment to mention this OPEN 48 hours hack.

Even if people don’t have a project of their own, this is a magic moment for people to learn the ropes of collaborating in the open. They can help one of the many available projects. Or perhaps HOST an event in their local community.

Please share this link among your networks, speak 1-on-1 to gently encourage others in your community, amplify those who take the initiative, and support this initiative where you can.

Easy share link:

Please amplify the official announcement if you’re able to

I’ve been designated London Global Sprint sitehost. Added mozillian-event tag to reflect this. Tickets for the event are now available.

If more events like these are of interest to be sure to regular check right here in Discourse. We hold a weekly UK Community call online, which you’re warmly invited to attend. There’s also a calendar for an overview of ALL our activities and aligned special events in ICAL and HTML. If you have any event ideas that could be added, please do get in touch.

All our gatherings uphold Mozilla’s Community Participation Guidelines. We all strive to empower each other.

Getting so close to Global Sprint now!!

Just attended site host training for Mozilla’s Community Participation Guidelines. I’ve organised many awesome public events over the years, and the difference in having helpful information on what is and isn’t OK from an organisation like Mozilla adds a quiet reassurance for everyone.

You can join in online May 10-11, but there’s still a few final tickets available to come join us in London if you have an open source project or wish to contribute to one in a truly inclusive and encouraging collaborative environment.

Next LIVE video calls: