Good job locking me out. Not so good for providing support

So…some time ago I asked a question in one of the firefox fora. And got an note back pointing me to the support forum. It’s been long enough that I don’t remember where I left the message or what what I asked at this point, but I finally got some free time, so thought I’d check out the support forum and add a bookmark for it so I could find it again when I need it. Clicked on the link in the aforementioned email, which took me to the right place, but needed me to log in. I tried doing it, and was told that since the last time I logged in there was a new procedure that required a firefox account. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just create one.” So I entered my email address and got a message with a link to click on.

That link got me as far as

Reset password link damaged

The link you clicked was missing characters, and may have been broken by your email client. Copy the address carefully, and try again.

Fine. So I went back to the email, set it to show the HTML code, found the address in the link, copied and pasted, and got the same error message. I’d put the question into the support forum, but I can’t get to the support forum without logging on. Perhaps you should change the name of the program to Catch-22.