Goodbye for me to Firefox. This is why


I was great fan of Firefox. I also used Waterfox for a while when that was the only x64 Firefox based browser. But now I’m saying goodbye to Firefox. I don’t have Firefox installed on my new computer.
It’s a pity, because I was a great fan. It has been my default browser for years.
This is why I’m choose Edge at the moment:

  • No comport support in Firefox. I’m using home assistant and also the esp32 boards. When I’m in edge I can flash an esp32 with the latest software from Tasmota web installer. A page that makes connection to the esp32 by accessing the comport. that’s very convenient. It’s not supported in Firefox unfortunately.
  • Asus router https certificate problems. I don’t want my router to be accessed from wan. So I don’t want to enable DDNS from Asus. I want to use only local https access to my router. I can download the certificate from my router and I installed the certificate on my windows machine. When I go to edge (not using chrome, but this also seem to work) and I go to my router, I will get a secure connection. What browser doesn’t work? Firefox.

So that’s why I see Firefox as a browser that is not able to do those things and those other browsers can handle it.
But also a positive thing. I enjoyed using Firefox these last years. So thank you for making this great browser. It was great. So thanks.

Best regards,