Google analytics

Hello guys,

I newbie and i have a two questions :slight_smile:

1.Is it possible to plac a Google Analytics ID (code) on AMO website?
The same like in google chrome web store?
We would like to track installation and impression of AMO landing page in our Google Analytics.

  1. Is it possible to tag the links like this: ?utm_source=Facebook
    and see that source on developers hub statistc dashboard?


No, you can only use the statistics dashboard AMO provides you. You can however potentially track installs on the extension side with Google Analytics (see also which I believe is fairly up to date in terms of the requirements from the policies:

You can add ?src=external-{sourceName} to your links and those should show up.

+1 to what @freaktechnik said. :slight_smile:

Quick heads up: we’ll start supporting standard UTM parameters for tracking download statistics (and retire ?src=external) soon. Later this week we should have more information available on Firefox Extension Workshop (here’s a link to the staging site since we haven’t updated the main site yet).

Edited to add: When `?src=external" is about to be retired we will announce it on the Add-ons Blog.