Google calendar with thunderbird 78


I just installed the new linux version of thunderbird 78 but the google calendar extension is not supported. Any recommendations?

Thank you.

I’ve been using the Google CalDAV calendar since TB 69.0b1.

Add Google Calendar without an extension.

I understand the extension developer is working on making the extension compatible with version 78.


the link you passed me doesn’t work.

I think I used caldav once, but it stopped working and I had to use an extension.

Sorry, I should have tested it.

It is fixed now.

Thanks, I’ve got it set up but I’m missing one thing.

I can’t visualize the tasks associated to my google account, with the extension provider google calendar they were shown in version 68 but that extension doesn’t work in the new thunderbird.

With caldav I can’t show the tasks. Any option?

I don’t use tasks, but you could try creating another CalDAV calendar with “/tasks” at the end of the Location instead of “/events”.

I’d like to know how to add more calendars myself. :thinking: