Greetings Mozilla Community! Newbie in Tech Wonderland

Hey Mozilla Magicians!

Super thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community! :rocket:I’m stepping into the world of Mozilla and tech with wide-eyed wonder.

About Me:
I’m a curious tech enthusiast, always eager to learn and share experiences. From browsing hacks to open-source wonders, I’m here to soak it all in.

Discovering the Community Portal:
I’ve heard whispers about the Mozilla Community Portal being the heartbeat of all things tech and Mozilla. Any seasoned Mozillians have some pro tips on navigating this treasure trove of knowledge? What are your favorite corners of the portal?

Tech Talk:
Let’s dive into some tech talk! What’s the buzz around Mozilla these days? Any exciting projects or discussions that I should definitely check out? I’m all ears, or in this case, all eyes on the screen!

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As for the things to do - Common Voice is a pretty good project to start with these days :slight_smile:

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