Grey on black unreadable in dark modes

Hello world,
happy new year!
grey on black is unreadable in dark modes (both default or dark theme), best to see in submenu Folder > Properties > Retention Policy
That is confusing / unreadable! :wink:
Beta 85.0b2
Is this posted here at the right spot?
cheers, have a good one.

Screenshot 2021-01-04 at 00.15.29

Assuming you haven’t got any userChrome customisations (and if you don’t know then you haven’t) then I suggest you look at the bugs already raised for ‘dark mode’:

You may see something similar. If not you could raise a new bug and attach that screenshot. It certainly looks like a bug.


Well done :slight_smile: Your first bug I see.
Don’t expect action quickly!

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