Group starred mail function

Hi all. Is there any add-on function that allows me to create groups inside the inbox folder to group all the starred mails?

My issue is that, some periods, I have 10+ starred e-mail that i need to keep on top in order to remind me I have to check them or they contain important matters I cannot archive yet. Do to this i use tags in conjunction with stars, which works great until I have many emails to be starred. Some emails come from the same job/client so I wish to be able to group them in a folder/group that appears in the inbox.

Hope I explained my issue here. Thanks.

One possibility would be to create subfolders of the Inbox folder.

Hi, thank you for the reply. I already use the folders and subfolders on the inbox folderMail

I tried lo upload a picture, I am not sure you can see.
If you can, you may see that I have a bunch of starred mails. Most of them are referred to the same job. I wish to be able to regroup those mails under the same list or group (similar to what can be done on excel to group rows or columns).