Guide, Submit an add-on, Native Messaging, Native Application

This is my first time for publishing a Firefox extension.

My extension is nearing its release.

I have read the guide on “Submit an add-on”, but I still don’t understand it completely. Basically, there is no mention of Native Messaging in the guide.

My submission will be as follows:

Firefox Extension (Source)
Console Application (Binary only, Native Messaging, Gateway)
Windows Application (Binary only, Native Messaging, HTTP Server and UI)

The reason for binaries only: my extension comes in two flavours - standard and paid. And so, the binaries (closed source) will also facilitate the paid version of the extension.

What steps do I follow to submit these and get my extension signed without complications?

You will need to inform users installing your extension how to install the application or, alternately, distribute the extension with your application. (The Add-ons submission process doesn’t sign native applications.)

Thank you for your reply.

I have taken care of this aspect. The Native Application requires no installation. The user runs it once, then the extension detects it from then forward.

In that case, my main question is, should I still submit the binaries, or can the extension receive a successful signing without them?

As far as I know, you shouldn’t submit anything that isn’t part of your extension (or source code for parts of your extension that require them). Unless something changed recently, the Add-ons team doesn’t review native applications.


Okay, thanks for clearing that up.