Haiyya Community Call Details & Intro

(Lucyeoh) #1

As announced in this post here, for the next 3 months Haiyya will be helping to support the India Community. Get to know the Haiyya team by watching the introductory call on YouTube here.

Please feel free to add questions in the comments below!

Meet the Team

Haiyya is a New Delhi based community development & grassroots organizing experts who have worked with various teams and youth volunteer driven organizations across India. Their core belief and strength lies in empowering and facilitating community leadership development in order to lead successful teams, community groups and campaigns.

  • Sukhmani: Sukhmani has been leading and shaping Haiyya’s Training and Grassroots wing for the past 3 years consuming 10 cups of tea every day at work. With an eye for strategy and innovation, Sukhmani has led many successful youth projects across issues. She’ll be the first point of contact for the Indian community and can’t wait to meet you all. Say hi on telegram @Sukhmani

  • Natasha: Natasha works on Haiyya’s Communications and Business Development wings where she has worked across different social enterprises, young campaigners and action-based projects. She is passionate about graphic designing and leveraging the power of storytelling through designs. She’ll be focused primarily on working with Christos to support the Open Source Campus Clubs program. Say hi on telegram @NChaudhary

  • Mrinalini: Mrinalini is the Campaigns lead at Haiyya and has been spearheading campaigns of gender and climate change. She is an avid reader and super passionate about reading history and social movements. She’ll be focused on conducting research about university students and open source in India! Say hi on telegram @Mrinalinid

  • Aprajita: Aprajita is the founder of Haiyya and has been the head and heart behind Haiyya’s success. She has been leading the path to create stronger and inter-connected communities in the mentorship of Professor Marshall Ganz. Her work has been recognized at global level in the past 4 years. Aprajita will be connecting force between Mozilla and Haiyya and will make sure that everything runs smoothly through the engagement. Say hi on telegram @Aprajitap

Once again, don’t forget to join us for the call on Wednesday 31st May, 6.30 pm IST on YouTube on Air and start adding questions for Haiyya below!

Update: What Haiyya has been working on?
(Lucyeoh) #2

Agenda for tomorrow’s call is here: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/IndiaCommunityCall17

You can add questions for Haiyya before the call in the etherpad, in this discourse topic or during the call in the YouTube chat.

See you tomorrow!

(Rabimba) #3

@lharris do we have any telegram groupchat channel or any similar platform where we can interact with both you @konstantina @Christos as well as Aprajita, Mrinalini, Natasha and Sukhmani?

(Christos Bacharakis) #4

Unfortunately not and this because we are “split” into different groups/projects.

For topics related with Reps there is the Reps Telegram channel. For Campus clubs we have the relevant category on discourse and currently working on a real time central communication tool, other than Telegram.