Happy BMO Push Day! (20220727.1)

Github Link

The following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1780308] Allow a group of users to delete attachments when needed due to sensitive information
  • [1780472] New release admin UI not properly preselecting default milestones and versions from the config parameters
  • [1780693] Make it easier to associate the Dxxxxx link and "Needs Review" status in phabricator revisions table
  • [1780733] Sort phabricator revisions by stack order
  • [1774673] The new component API introduced by bug 1773137 has incorrect documentation about data returned from a component update
  • [577847] "See also" field should accept any URL
  • [1512484] Allow to specify default version per product
  • [1781121] moving both the status and reviewer columns before the summary for phabricator list make it more readable
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