Happy BMO Push Day! (20220906.1)

Github Link

The following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1784693] Fit Phabricator revisions table to Details box
  • [1532985] Changing the product fails because of mismatch in version, should just use default
  • [1785454] Update component editing API to not required full editcomponents to just update triage owner
  • [1555583] *** Place holder for summary ***
  • [1787294] Allow optional tolerance in the /rest/user endpoint when querying users that are not exist
  • [1783576] Add field to REST API that returns timestamp of bug last change by an actual person
  • [1787954] Certain fields missing from get user API when added by extensions and specifically requested with include_fields
  • [1787966] Refactor duplicate fields for the user’s last activity in /rest/user endpoint
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