Happy BMO Push Day! (20221019.1)

Github Link

The following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1726504] Markdown tables are rendered incorrectly
  • [1794425] Stop recommending Enigmail for Thunderbird
  • [1792986] Add Github API endpoint to be used for automatically linking PRs to bug attachments
  • [1795160] OAuth2 client admin UI form field for description is too small and should be size of DB column
  • [1790883] Bugzilla Phab attachments should include the repo callsign
  • [1795748] Add the Fenix product in BMO’s “choose from the following selections” list
  • [1728615] Don’t setting severity automatically on crash bugs to prevent them skipping triage
Discuss these changes in the Firefox Tooling Discourse.