Harassment on Facebook and Youtube


Since 3 years, I’m facing harassment on social networks. A person on Facebook and Youtube who is changing his name is sharing videos about me. He cuts parts from my public speeches (videos shared on FB and Youtube) about Localization at Mozilla, Firefox, Common Voice, Sentence Collector… and other free projects where I’m involved and changed the content to denigrate me. On Facebook, it’s easy to report and block this user but on Youtube, it’s not easy. Two videos are still online and I have no mean to ask Youtube to remove them.

I was wondering why that person is making such a campaign against me and what we are doing at Mozilla and other free opensource tools.

I’m afraid for the people present in the video when we organized the events. Some of them contacted me to do something but I can’t. I’m very stressed right now because I can do nothing.

Is there someone who faced the same issue? And how to contact Youtube to block this user, remove these videos and know who is this person and why is doing that? Should I talk to the Police? Is there any law organization to contact for this purpose?

M. Belkacem
L10N admin for the kabyle locale (Potoon).
Mobilizer/Alphabetizer (Localization, Sentence Collector, Common Voice, online Security and Privacy)

I’m so sorry to hear about this :frowning:

I’m asking around to see what options you have, as a good start would be to use youtube reporting feature to report harassment:


I’ll try to figure out if there something else.


I used Youtube reporting but the videos are still online. On FB the user was blocked due to massive reporting from the community. The process on Youtube seems different. They are asking to get in touch with a lawyer or something like that when I selected that this user is using my videos and pictures coming from my own videos or those uploaded by other people when I gave the speeches.

This is the Chanel who is harassing me if someone can help to report that user and his channel. But it’s not a solution because his is creating new accounts

Hi @nukeador, anything new? I reported the channel and talked to friends to report but still got harassed on Social Media.

I’m still asking around, we have no control about what other people post on channels we don’t own but I’m doing my best to see what other options you might have on this case.