Has this addon been scrubbed off the internet?

On my desktop here i have this “youtube blocker” you see the icon? i cannot for the life of me find it when searching on my steam deck firefox. has it been removed from the addon website, i couldn’t find it on git either. or maybe i did but i wasn’t allowed to install an untrusted addon or whatever firefox said, this provided i even found the correct xpi on git, (or was it github?).


If it’s some kind of youtube adblocker then watchout. Many “alternative adblockers” are (or later becomes) malware. Same thing applies also to other popular addons, like all those downloaders.

Everything popular is targeted by malicious actors - they fork some popular open-source addon, promote it and then update it with some shady stuff.
They often use professional looking marketing materials, so it’s almost impossible to tell if it’s the “real deal” or not.

It’s best to stick with addons that have “Recommended” badge.
For example uBlock Origin should be able to block youtube ads without issues (and even if it doesn’t “right now”, know that there is a huge community that probably works on the workaround).

I couldn’t find it on AMO, but here’s the Github page: