Bei den neuen Thunderbird-Updates vermisse ich schmerzlich die sehr praktischen farbigen Tabs (HashColouredTabs+), die ich mir als AddOn installiert hatte - jetzt aber nicht mehr unterstützt werden. Weiß jemand was darüber - ob dieses AddOn nochmal wieder kommt - oder ob es eine Alternative gibt, um ganze Zeilen in der EMailÜbersicht farbig darstellen zu können, dann hab ich einfach schneller ne Mail gefunden.

There was a Firefox addon called HashColouredTabs+ but it was years ago.

You can colour emails using tags, you can add more tags, and you can set tags with filters. So, for example, an email from a specific address could be coloured green.

Thank you Dave!
For me was “HashColouredTabs+” the very best, because the whole line of characters you could make in colour. That means the “characters” are black and the line was filled with colour. Great.
A little tag is not the same. But which tags do you mean? The little “stars” or another addon?

I’m puzzled. HashColouredTabs+ seems to have been for Firefox not Thunderbird. But this is Thunderbird group, and your OP mentions mail. Did you use it in SeaMonkey? Did it colour emails too?

Here’s a description of tags.

Dear Dave,
this was a missunderstanding because I gave you not the right name of the addon I meant. So sorry! And my english words are difficult.
You are right with the “message tags”, these are already existent in my window, but after the TBupdates one important option is not anymore possible!
Before you could the whole line of characters make in colour. That means the “characters” are black and the line was filled with colour.
And now the lines will loose the colour when you go further. Only the characters stay coloured! Though very thin! The readability is then difficult.
I hope I could explain.

You can post in German - I can use Herr Google to translate. Or possibly German with an English translation below.

I don’t think standard tags ever had background colours. So I assume you were using an addon that no longer works.

Here is a similar question:

There is a German version of that support group

Reading that question, it seems that it was possible to use userChrome.css (a somewhat technical method - google it) to colour tags in TB68. I don’t know whether it works in TB78.

A better place to ask about userChrome.css solutions is
(English only, I think)

Do you know what addon you had that stopped working?

The userChrome method described in the support.mozilla topic works in 78, but a simpler way to achieve colored tag backgrounds is with Tag Toolbar.

I don´t understand?
Do you read the Whole conversation?

Dear Dave, thank you for searching for me! It takes time til I see all… But on one of your Links I found this:

Below:Coloring of thread pane This is what I need
I try to translate but I think I coudn´t understand this technical things.
Thank you much

And this I found on an other site:

Make Thunderbird’s Labels Stand Out

What does it mean?
I guess I can not have this tool, or?

Try the ‘Tag Toolbar’ addon that sfhowes posted a link to.

The author is the same is the ‘hogiblog’ addon.

The TwisterMc addon is from 2007! Forget that.

Thank you very much!
I´ll :green_heart:do

Thank you too :owl: :owl:

I am very relieved. It’s worked out! Thank you again!
LG sch_