Help finding missing add on

hey everyone i need your help finding the offmp4 video downloader extension for firefox i had it as of yesterday morning but i was trying to fix something and was told to disable my extensions and then i also cleared my cache and history and now its gone from my extensions and i can’t seem to find it by searching on the extensions page i don’t know how it could disappear in just 24 hours so any help would be greatly appreciated i use it to download a ton of stuff along with download master

It’s definitely no longer on the Add-ons site. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine’s last capture of the Versions page was in January, and it shows the last release was in 2021.

Did you use the Refresh feature? The telltale sign is a fresh “Old Firefox Data” folder on your desktop. For assistance with restoring data from that folder, if it’s not too late to bother, you can use Mozilla Support. Here’s a link to the new question form (for Windows/Mac/Linux):