Help. How can I re-install Firefox and get rid of Nightly?

Recovering from a battle with Bitdefender which deleted Firefox, I am now trying to download and re-install FF but I keep getting Nightly pushed at me which I find a PITA for various reasons. I feel it is being imposed on me. I have been happy with FF for years.

My question is how do I find and install good old plain-Jane FF and get rid of Nightly?


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You can download the Firefox release version from or, if the first link does not work for you.

Please note that downgrading Firefox to older version may break your profile (where Firefox stores your data). Do not forget to make a backup before you start the new installation of Firefox. If you run into issues, refreshing Firefox is a good way to start with.

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These links simply take me the installer that caused the Nightmare in the first place v56.0.1(64 bit). However, I have managed to get rid of the opening Nightscape pic and got it to remember my options once I had remembered a long lost password and discovered refresh or something so I now seem to have recovered the FF I remember.
I would dearly like to know why Nightly was pushed in my face in the first place when I never asked for it?

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Whilst I have encountered many peculiarities over the years, I have never encountered that situation.

I wonder whether some recent excitement about the future led you to install it without realising exactly what you were installing.

Pages such as this are reasonably carefully worded:

It’s likely that in some other areas, bloggers are describing Firefox Quantum (just one of the names by which 57 is known) with less care. Causing people to install 57 either:

  1. prematurely, before 57 is release quality; or
  2. without realising the implications of (or overlooking) the yellow alerts in Firefox 56

– no such alerts with extended support release (ESR) 52, I guess. Keyword – and I wonder whether the UPPERCASE SHOUTING BY DESIGN causes some people to naturally IGNORE, WALK AWAY FROM WHAT IS SHOUTED:


@meditek2 please: if you can check your browser history, maybe easily identify and recall a web page that misled you, I’ll be very interested. Thanks.

I do not intend to police the blogosphere ;-) but we do need to understand and somehow minimise the negative impacts of situations such as this.

Given the occasional Firefox start page prominence to check out the new, fast, most stable Firefox: it’s very likely that some users with (naturally) no understanding of the word beta will try a pre-release:

With the same route to Nightly – scroll down a little, to – there’s less likelihood of any user gaining a sense of push. The wording is clear enough – with added emphasis:

Enjoy at your own risk. …

– but still, with so many colours and buttons and so on, I do empathise with any casual user who installs a beta, or Nightly, without foreknowledge of possible consequences. And I’m not familiar with other routes/promotions.

Vaguely related

… great blue-green-violent icon … orange icon with face of real fox …

… blue/green/violet icon is coming back eventually.
they’ve just been messing around and switching icons for the past week or so just for fun. …

update to ff 57

– it’s easy for well-meaning advice such as that to be misinterpreted.