Help improve the Reps Program

Hi Mozillians!

Anyone is invited to help make the Reps Program better. The Reps Program also needs view points that come from outside the program to make sure we do not live in our own bubble.

If you are interested in improving how the Reps program works, keep an eye on the Reps Discourse category. There will be discussion posts coming up, trying to tackle different issues that get identified. Your opinions will be greatly appreciated! If you are interested in leading a group around a certain improvement topic, you are welcome to lead one too using the framework linked below!

As of now, there are the following topics identified, but that most certainly does not cover everything - any topic is welcome:

  • Reps Infrastructure
  • Mentors
  • Reps Onboarding
  • Community Growth and Activation

The following topics will be lead by the Reps Council, but will eventually still require all your opinions as well:

  • Campaigns and Activities
  • Clear communication around Mozilla’s direction

If you’re still interested in participating in this initiative, you can find all the information here:

Please post in that topic if you have a question and I’ll give my best to answer it.

Looking forward to have you all involved and hear your thoughts!